EDI NAP invoice implementation requests

Contact us by filling out and submitting the form below. 
If you require an implementation of more than one Volvo Plant please add the Volvo Plant's name and number next to the purchase order number in the additional information field.

Please note that this request form only concerns invoices for Non-Automotive Products (NAP)
If you would like to start using EDI for Automotive Products (AP), please ask your Volvo purchasing contact for support.

Please also be aware that the below request form SHOULD ONLY BE USED for creating new EDI/WebEDI NAP connections with Volvo plants.

For user management requests, please contact your Volvo buyer. The buyer needs to fill in the following form: User management request

For invoice payment questions, we kindly ask you to address your issue to: Purchase to pay - Contact center.

*The provided contact person below will be granted access to WebEDI (if access already provided it will remain as it is)

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