Setup EDI

Setup EDI

Information about how to setup EDI. 

As a supplier to the Volvo Group, you are required to use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or the Volvo WebEDI. The messages exchanged between Volvo and suppliers are for example delivery schedules, despatch advices and invoices.

Beginner's guide

Information about the Volvo IT requirements for EDI and a guideline to help you navigate this web page.

Within the Volvo Group there is a distinction between suppliers of Automotive Products (AP) and Non Automotive Products (NAP). As the EDI/webEDI requirements are not the same for AP and NAP suppliers, the navigation guides differ.

Implementation information

Information about the three different message types for EDI: AP, NAP and Freight.

Useful information about electronic messages, the conditions for EDI invoicing, Volvo Codes and Addresses and a guide to the WebChecker.  

EDI communication setup

Information about the two communication types for EDI; OFTP2 and AS2, and Business Integration in the Volvo Group.

EDI Support

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