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N.B.! Test Indicator
Volvo uses the Edifact test indicator in UNB 0035 for all test files to and from Volvo. Make sure to verify that you currently do no send test indicator in UNB 0035 in any production files, otherwize they will not reach the final destination. Files marked with TEST in UNB 0026 will not be handled, i.e. deleted.

Find the UNB specification under specifications/general in a document called "Application of ISO/edifact and OFTP.


Message version Description Issue Date
INVOIC D03A (PDF, 0.548MB) Global FREIGHT INVOICE  2008-07-01
INVOIC D03A (PDF, 0.948MB) Global INVOIC AP rev 06  2013-08-21
INVOIC D03A (PDF, 0.984MB) Global INVOIC NAP rev 05  2013-08-21
INVOIC D96A (PDF, 0.335MB)
INVOIC/Selfbilled INVOIC 2002-01-16
INVOIC D03A (PDF, 0.433MB) Truck Shop INVOIC  2012-10-01


Message version Description Issue Date
810 Volvo-Mack (004010) – AP (PDF, 0.914MB) Volvo Group North America 2014-01-15
810 Volvo (004010) - NAP (PDF, 0.117MB) Volvo Group North America 2010-08-16
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