Volvo Group EDI

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between Volvo Group and its suppliers.


August 31st 2020

New AS2 Certificate

This is to inform you about the upcoming expiration of one of Volvo PROD certificates ( serial number 05 1A 97 1C 87 F9 FD 76 47 30 7B 7A 5B 12 30 8F)

This certificate is mainly used for signing and encryption of the AS2 messages between Volvo and external partners.

Old certificate is going to expire on 31st of August.

New certificate which will  be valid from 27th of August is already available under EDI communication setup- AS2 section

Nov 5th, 2019

Release of updated WebEDI Training

New information is launched in the WebEDI tool and related to this we have updated the WebEDI Training:

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