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N.B.! Test Indicator
Volvo uses the Edifact test indicator in UNB 0035 for all test files to and from Volvo. Make sure to verify that you currently do no send test indicator in UNB 0035 in any production files, otherwise they will not reach the final destination. Files marked with TEST in UNB 0026 will not be handled, i.e. deleted.

Find the UNB specification under specifications/general in a document called "Application of ISO/edifact and OFTP.

Specifications and guidelines posted below are the latest Volvo Group versions within each EDI standard. Previous message versions and related guidelines are gathered in a separate section “Older message versions”.


Message version Description Issue Date
DESADV D07A (PDF, 1.015MB) Appointed for new implementations Global DESADV 2019-04-12
DESADV D07A Impl Guideline (PDF, 1.120MB)   2019-07-02


Message version Description Issue Date
856 Volvo (004010) (PDF, 0.196MB) Advanced Shipment Notice



856 Service Market and Dealer ship (004010) (PDF, 0.67MB) ASN based on aftermarket orders 2020-09-18

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