EDI Communication Setup

Here you will find information about communication for EDI and Business Integration in the Volvo Group.

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Communication types:


AB Volvo has implemented session level encryption by using Transport Layer Security (TLS). The TLS provides data confidentiality by encryption of all protocol commands and data exchanged between Volvo Group and our partners. This will provide enough security, preventing a third party from extracting any useful information from the transmission.

Technical requirements for EDI Partner

The EDI partner needs to take action to secure the fulfilment of the technical requirements:

• Implement OFTP2 support in your EDI system 

• Acquire a SSL Certificate issued by a Certificate Authority that has been approved by Volvo, see list below.

• The Common Name (CN) of your server certificate should contain the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of your OFTP2 server. Do not use a static IP as host name. Volvo does not support wildcard certificates.  

• Volvo uses TLS line security (session encryption only).

• The validation is done against Root CA Certificates. That means that your certificate is NOT stored at Volvo and you should store only the Root CA Certificate of Verisign for verification of Volvo's certificate. (For most of our EDI partners it is enough to verify Volvo's certificate via VeriSign's Root CA but in a few cases the intermediate certificate is also needed. 
Import the Root CA Certificate of Verisign into your EDI System:

Select: VeriSign Class 3 Public PCA - Generation 5 (G5), found at: https://knowledge.digicert.com/generalinformation/INFO4690.html#lightbox-02

If needed; also import the intermediate certificate found here

• Firewall configurations: Incoming and outgoing IP-addresses are different because of HW (cluster) solutions. Identity sending files from Volvo is or If possible configure your firewalls to accept files from 192.138.117*

• Your OFTP2 server address must be resolvable by a Reverse DNS Lookup as well as the ordinary lookup. In more technical terms, your server should have both A- and PTR-records registered in your DNS. Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_Name_System#Reverse_lookupfor details

OFTP2 Communication Parameters

SSID (ODETTE-Code): O0942000055610326980VOLVO
SFID: O0942000055610326980VOLVO
DNS-Name: oftp2.volvo.com
Port: 6619

Approved Certificate Authorities

Odette International
VeriSign, Inc. (used by Volvo)
America Online Inc.
SECOM Trust Systems CO.,LTD.
SECOM Trust.net
Thawte Consulting
GlobalSign nv-sa
ValiCert, Inc.
DigiCert Inc
AddTrust AB
TC TrustCenter GmbH
Equifax Secure Inc.
Starfield Technologies, Inc.
GeoTrust Inc.
Comodo CA Limited
RSA Data Security, Inc.
GTE Corporation
The Go Daddy Group, Inc.
Encode Networks Svenska AB
Mendelson CA


Files sent to Volvo with other SFID than stated above will not be accepted.

Virtual filename

Volvo does not normally use predefined virtual filenames. If this is requested, please fill out the virtual filename you wish to receive in the EDI Communication Form.

File format

The file format will be Unstructured. Please notify us if you want any other file format.

Code representation

The code representation will be ASCII. Please notify us if you want any other code representation. 


• Volvo support server authentication by verifying CA's (certificate authorities) as trust model. If server certificate has been verified by trusted CA, Volvo will trust the server.

• Volvo does not use/require client authentication.

• Volvo support both data encryption and data signatures in message security layer. However this needs to be discussed further before it can be configured.

• Firewall configurations: Incoming and outgoing IP-addresses are different because of HW (cluster) solutions. Identity sending files from Volvo is or 
 If possible configure your firewalls to accept files from 192.138.117*

AS2 - Connection details production  
AS2 Identifier VOLVO353952559AS2
AS2URL https://as2.volvo.com:8443/SeeburgerAS2/AS2Controller?ls=001
AS2 MDN URL https://as2.volvo.com:8443/SeeburgerAS2/AS2Controller?ls=001
Sending IP address (primary) and (secondary)
Message/MDN Transport HTTPS
Certificate TLS Generated by a CA Certificate authority
MDN notification method Asynchronous or Synchronous
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