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English speaking Support

Europe: +46 31 662200
United States: +1 336 393 3347
India: +91 806 730 5550

Phone opening hours: Monday 01:00 AM CET- Saturday 01:00 AM CET

Email: support [dot] edi [at] volvo [dot] com

Mandarin speaking Support

China: +86 228 480 8162

Phone opening hours: Monday - Friday  08:00-17:30 CST

Japanese speaking Support

Japan: +81 486 141 509

Phone opening hours: Monday - Friday  08:30-18:00 JST

During public holidays our opening hours will be limited or closed.

Support Contact Form

To get assistance, fill out the Support Contact Form or call us on the phone numbers mentioned on this page.

EDI Business contacts
Entity / Link / Note Issue Email Phone
Volvo Group Supplier Portal* user name or password +46 31 322 54 00
Volvo Group Supplier Portal* Any request /question  
Volvo Logistics Portal user name or password  
Volvo Logistics Portal Europe and rest of the world   +46 31 327 72 77
Volvo Logistics Portal North America   +1 336 393 2037 or
+1 800 438 2617
Volvo Logistics Portal China   +86 21 3131 9588
Volvo Logistics Portal India   +91 80 6691 4567
Volvo Logistics Portal Brazil   +55 41 3317 8000
ATLAS Business Support Any request /question   +48 71 302 23 30
WebEDI user name or password +46 31 322 54 00
WebEDI Technical questions +46 31 662200
WebEDI Implementation requests or New user access  Volvo buyer or material controller  
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) ** / *** Technical questions +46 31 662200
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) ** / *** Implementation requests Volvo buyer or material controller  
Invoices Any questions about order number, workflow- or other references Volvo purchase contact person****  
Invoices Questions about payments Volvo Group Business Services - Call center  
Delivery Schedule Any questions about the content, e.g. delivery capabilities, delivery status Volvo material controller contact person  
ePS (Electronic Purchase System) Access/technical questions  

*For question related to the different applications hosted by the supplier portal please go to the application pages in "My Business”, you will find the appropriate contact

**N.B. You must notify the concerned Volvo Group contact(s) if the information in the EDI Communication Form is no longer valid (e.g. Change of email address).

***For Volvo legal buying company information please refer to document Volvo codes and addresses at  Useful info

****The buyer should handle the relationship with the supplier for general and commercial topics.

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