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English speaking Support

Europe: +46 31 662200
United States: +1 336 393 3347

Phone opening hours: Round the clock (24*7) support throughout the year

Email: Support [dot] edi [at] volvo [dot] com

Mandarin speaking Support

China: +86 228 480 8162

Phone opening hours: Monday - Friday  08:00-17:30 CST

Japanese speaking Support

Japan: +81 486 141 509

Phone opening hours: Monday - Friday  08:30-18:00 JST

French speaking Support

France: +33 469 098 100

Phone opening hours: Monday - Friday  08:00-17:00 CET

Support Contact Form

To get assistance, fill out the Support Contact Form or call us on the phone numbers mentioned on this page.

EDI Business contacts
Entity / Link / Note Issue Email Phone
Volvo Group Supplier Portal* user name or password +46 31 327 7418
Volvo Group Supplier Portal* Any request /question  
Volvo Logistics Portal user name or password  
Volvo Logistics Portal Europe and rest of the world   +46 31 327 72 77
Volvo Logistics Portal North America   +1 336 393 2037 or
+1 800 438 2617
Volvo Logistics Portal China   +86 21 3131 9588
Volvo Logistics Portal India   +91 80 6691 4567
Volvo Logistics Portal Brazil   +55 41 3317 8000
ATLAS Business Support Any request /question   +48 71 302 23 30
WebEDI user name or password +46 31 327 7418
WebEDI Technical questions +46 31 662200
WebEDI Implementation requests or New user access  Volvo buyer or material controller  
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) ** / *** Technical questions +46 31 662200
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) ** / *** Implementation requests Volvo buyer or material controller  
Invoices Any questions about order number, workflow- or other references Volvo purchase contact person****  
Invoices Questions about payments Volvo Group Business Services - Call center  
Delivery Schedule Any questions about the content, e.g. delivery capabilities, delivery status Volvo material controller contact person  
ePS (Electronic Purchase System) Access/technical questions  

*For question related to the different applications hosted by the supplier portal please go to the application pages in "My Business”, you will find the appropriate contact

**N.B. You must notify the concerned Volvo Group contact(s) if the information in the EDI Communication Form is no longer valid (e.g. Change of email address).

***For Volvo legal buying company information please refer to document Volvo codes and addresses at  Useful info

****The buyer should handle the relationship with the supplier for general and commercial topics.

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