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Message version Description Issue Date
Appendix 3 (PDF, 0.130MB) Code of Carrier 2006-10-04
Appendix 4 (PDF, 0.017MB) Country and Currency codes 2006-08-23
Appendix 5 (PDF, 0.025MB) Consignment document 1998-03-30
Appendix 6 (PDF, 0.012MB) Volume information for frequent standard packaging 1998-03-30
Appendix 7 (PDF, 0.028MB) Packaging reports 2004-08-11
Edifact (Orders) to ANSI X12 (850) (PDF, 0.051MB) Message cross reference 1998-03-30


Message version Description Issue Date
Application of ISO/edifact and OFTP (PDF, 0.343MB)   2013-03-16
Appendix 2 (PDF, 0,011MB) Codelist 1998-03-30
Codelist ODDC025 (PDF, 0.069MB) Unit of measure 2002-05-08
Appendix 8 (PDF, 0.021MB) Migration guidelines from Odette to EDIFACT 1998-03-30
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